Usg Assembly: Synodality and Consecrated Life


Attitudes, skills and knowledge to lead sinodically

The afternoon of 25 November was animated by Fr David McCallum SI and Pablo Bernal, the animating team of the "Discerning Leadership " Programme by the Society of Jesus.

The objectives of the session were:

  • To build on the spirit and direction of the Assembly's work up to now.
  • To deepen the reflection on the contribution of Consecrated Life to the synodal journey.
  • To offer some creative ways of animating the Congregations in this synodal journey.
  • To clarify the particular gifts that Orders, Congregations and Institutes can offer to the Church in this journey of regeneration.

The group work was focused on the attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary to lead in a synodal way. The result of the group work can be found here:

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