2010 May 75 Assembly. Europe challenges Consecrated Life: situation and implications

2010 November 76 Assembly. Consecrated Life in Europe: commitment to an evangelical prophecy

2011 May 77 Assembly. Identity and Prophecy: Theology of the Consecrated Life today

2011 November 78 Assembly.Transmitting faith: from the theological seminary of Consacrated Life to the Synod about the  New Evangelization

2012 May 79 Assembly. Consecrated Life in Latin America and the Caribbean: life and mission

2012 November 80 Assembly. In fidelity : we evangelize, we testify

2013 May 81 Assembly. Leadership in religious life: 50 years after the Vatican II

2013 November 82 Assembly. Pope Francis: challenge for evangelical leadership

2014 May 83 Assembly. Wake up the world! Religious in the mission of the Church today

2014 November 84 Assembly. Towards new relationships for a culture of the meeting

2015 May 85 Assembly. We sent in joy: the mission of consecrated life in the Church

2015 November 86 Assembly. Embracing the future with hope: the Consecrated with the people of God

2016 May 87 Assembly. Consecrated Life: radicals in prophecy

2016 November 88 Assembly. Go and be fruitful : the fruitfulness in prophecy

2017 May 89 Assembly. Vocational discernment in an intercultural world

2017 November - 90 Assembly not carried out

2018 May 90 Assembly. Listening to young people for a generative consecrated life

2018 November 91 Assembly. Young people, faith, discernment: starting again from the Synod

2019 May 92 Assembly. Toward a culture of care

2019 November 93 Assembly. Religious life in the 21st Century

2020 Maggio 94 Assemblea not carried out because of COVID

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