Sowing Hope for the Planet


Webinar 18 January 2023 - 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm (Rome time)
in English, French, Italian and Spanish

Speakers will share their experiences and discuss how the Laudato Si' Action Platform and our environmental statements are ways for us to make this vision a reality. To move us forward, advocacy suggestions will also be shared.  

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Speakers & Itinerary

Welcome: Sr. Sheila Kinsey, FCJM

Opening Prayer: Fr. Vincent Anesthasiar, CMF, General Secretary of JPIC for the Claretian Congregation

Session 1: Br. Alberto Parise, MCCJ, International JPIC Coordinator fo the Comboni Missionaries, COP 27 (Climate Change) and the Laudato Si' Action Platform

Session 2: Amy Echeverria, Co-Coordinator of the Vatican's Ecological Taskforce, COP 15 (Biodiversity) The experience of the Religious alliance and how that would strengthen the LSAP, examples of contributions shared at the event

Session 3: Sr. Durstyne Farnan, OP, Dominican Representative at the United Nations, Connecting COP 27 and COP 15 with integrated messages

Session 4: Giulia Cirillo, UISG Advocacy Communications Coordinator, Advocacy Suggestions to promote the impact of Laudato Si',

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