The Sons of Charity: New composition of the General Council

Fr. Calixto Martínez FC
Fr. Calixto Martínez FC

The Sons of Charity are a religious congregation under pontifical right, founded by Father Anizan at Christmas 1918. It is made up of 120 religious. Every 6 years, the religious vote for representatives by country who will be called "the Capitulants". During the General Chapter the Capitulants elect a new General Council: the superior, the vicar and two assistants.

Election of the General Chapter of the Sons of Charity for 6 years

At this moment in the history of the Congregation of the Sons of Charity, here are the members of the new General Council elected by the capitulars during the 19th General Chapter:

  • Superior General: Father Calixto Martinez, Mexican, 63 years old
  • Vicar General: Father Francisco Javier Ortiz, Spanish, 57 years old
  • 1st Assistant: Father Jean-Michel Rapaud, French, 60 years old
  • 2nd Assistant: Father Benjamin Vergniaud, French, 42 years old

Secretary General Father Emmanuel Say, Ivorian, 63 years old

New General Council of the Sons of Charity
New General Council of the Sons of Charity

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