Our Safeguarding Journey


Online and in presence Webinar at UISG Headquarters
20 October 2023 from 2 to 5 p.m. (Rome time)

Deadline: 10 October 2023

Summary of Good Shepherd Sisters presentation for the hybrid:

Please join us to hear about our safeguarding journey. We will present our journey over the past two years. The congregation made a commitment in 2018 to implement a child safeguarding policy across the 72 countries they minister in. Jane and Sandra joined the safeguarding team together with four other team members in mid-July and have progressed on this journey. We will highlight the positives and also the challenges we have experienced and continue to experience on this journey. 

We hope to share the practical ways in which we prepared, made our road plan and started this journey, we believe it will be an ongoing journey never quite reaching the destination. There have been twists and turns on the road, some break downs but many happy fulfilling times also. Our wish is that you can benefit from learnings and that it too will assist you on your safeguarding journeys.


Jane Nway Nway Ei – Safeguarding Co-ordinator

My name is Jane Nway Nway Ei, I am from Myanmar. I joined the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd in 1999.I received a bachelor degree in Psychology and a bachelor in Religious Studies. I have also completed a licentiate in Safeguarding of Minor at the Pontifical University of Rome. In the congregation, I served in different level of leaderships; as a local coordinator, in-charged for the women and girls, single mothers and also served the poor and the sick. I have experience in the Congregation's ministries in Myanmar, having worked for the empowerment of women and girls especially those who are trafficked and exploited. I have worked with Catholic Episcopal commission for tourism and migration for more than two years, facilitated many workshops on Anti-Human Trafficking and safe migration. At present, I am a team leader of Catholic Religious Conference of Myanmar Safeguarding Committee, and Congregational safeguarding coordinator.

Sandra Neville – Safeguarding Advisor

I live in Ireland with my husband and three sons. My background is in nursing and midwifery. I worked in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, DRC, Lesotho and South Africa as a nurse. In 2007 I studied a course on child protection and began working in a Diocesan setting implementing safeguarding practices. I worked in Misean Cara (Irish Funding Agency) for two years as their Safeguarding Advisor, I now am a member of their safeguarding advisory committee and a board director. Presently I am working with some missionary societies as a Safeguarding Advisor. I work as a safeguarding consultant and have delivered safeguarding workshops in Zambia, Nigeria, India, Kenya and carried out child protection investigations in Ireland, DRC, Congo, and Myanmar.

Summary of SJ presentation on the hybrid:

This session will present the origins and developments of the global strategy of the Society of Jesus for the elimination of abuse: the Promotion of a Consistent Culture of Protection Project (PCCP). This project has achieved the implementation of policies, protocols, and training in all Jesuit works in all Provinces and Regions of the Society of Jesus, accompanying safeguarding delegates and teams in this transformative journey in a dialogic manner. At present, PCCP has moved to a new phase of action which also includes scientific evidence of social impact. The session will share also challenges, solutions, and examples.


John K. Guiney SJ – Irish Jesuit and member of the Jesuit Province of Eastern Africa. Worked in Eastern Africa for 25 years in formation, administration, pastoral and justice works. His last ministry in Eastern Africa was Regional Director of Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Eastern Africa. He is at present Director of Irish Jesuits International and since 2018 is Co-ordinator of the Promotion of a Consistent Culture of Protection (PCCP) in the global Society of Jesus.

Sandra Racionero-Plaza holds a double PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 4th ranked scientist in safeguarding internationally (Google scholar). Her 20-year scientific career has been dedicated to study the social causes of sexual abuse and of successful actions in safeguarding, that is, actions that prevent abuse and contribute to its elimination in all contexts. As member of CREA-UB, she has trained professionals and communities from around the world who have implemented the successful actions and have evidenced to transform lives. She is now the assistant project coordinator for PCCP in the Global Society of Jesus.  

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