Ireneo Martín, elected Superior General of The Sons of Merciful Love

Fr. Ireneo Martín, FAM
Fr. Ireneo Martín, FAM

The XI General Chapter of the Sons of Merciful Love, dedicated to the theme Let us walk together for Mercy, took place from 7 to 20 January 2022, in Collevalenza.

The Capitulars, coming from different parts of the world, discussed central themes regarding fidelity to the charism and the development of the Congregation and the Family of Merciful Love, all interpreted in a key of mercy.

During the General Chapter, Father Ireneo Martín, former Provincial Superior in Spain and Vicar General, Rector of the Shrine and Superior of the Community, was elected Superior General. The following will be part of the General Government: Father Sante Pessot, Vicar General; the Councillors: Father Miguel Ternero; Brother Alessandro Di Gerio; Father Claudio Corpetti; Father Beniamino Nuzzo, for the Diocesan Priests with Vows; Father Claudio Gilotti, Secretary General. We wish everyone a fruitful mission for the proclamation of Merciful Love in the world.

The Sons of Merciful Love is one of the two religious congregations (the other being the Handmaids of Merciful Love) founded by Blessed Mother Hope of Jesus Alhama Valera, born in Santomera (Murcia-Spain) on 30 September 1893. A woman of exceptional character, who consecrated and dedicated her entire life to the Lord and to the mission of making Him known to all people as Father and tender Mother.

Priests and Brothers proclaiming Merciful Love by dedicating themselves to diocesan priests. Called to give witness to Merciful Love first of all by the holiness of their lives, they practice works of charity, the principal of which is union with the diocesan clergy.

Priests and works of charity on behalf of the poor are closely united as a common purpose.

It consists of four branches with respective forms of witness:

1. Religious Priests (FAM);

2. Brothers (FAM), who carry out internal tasks;

3. Brothers (FAM), in civil dress engaged in secular activities;

4. Diocesan priests with vows, Sons of Merciful Love (SDFAM).

(Article from the Catholic weekly La Voce)

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