Fr. Leoncio Osvaldo Vivar Martínez, elected Master General of the Mercedarians

Fr. Osvaldo Vivar Martínez, O DE M
Fr. Osvaldo Vivar Martínez, O DE M

In the 7th session of the 17th General Chapter of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy after the Restoration, legitimately celebrated in Rome, on May 6, 2022, having duly counted the votes of all the electors, the majority of the Chapter decided to elect Fr. Leoncio Osvaldo Vivar Martínez (Mexico) as Master General of the Order, and the following religious to the office of General Councillors

  • Fr. Damase Masabo
  • Fr. Reginaldo Roberto Luiz
  • Fr. Luis Eduardo Navas Guerrero
  • Fr. Sundar Raj Madalaimuthu

It is worth mentioning that until 6 May 2022 Fr. Osvaldo was one of the four General Councillors accompanying Fr. Juan Carlos Saavedra Lucho, who has completed his term as Master General.

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