Deep gratitude to the USG and UISG


Remarks by Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich at the press conference of 26 August 2022

Photo: Segretaria Generale Sinodi
Photo: Segretaria Generale Sinodi

On 26 August 2022, a press conference convened by the General Secretariat of the Synod took place to present the continental phase of the synodal process 2021-2023.

Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, general rapporteur of the 16th General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, spoke of the syntheses received, which are "the fruits of prayer and reflection that emerged during the synodal experiences".

Specifically, he divided the syntheses received into five categories:

a) Bishops' Conferences

b) Eastern Catholic Churches


d) Vatican Dicasteries

e) Observations (individual contributions or contributions from Church groups or groups not officially recognised by Church authority).

Speaking about the synthesis received from the Unions of Superiors General, he said:

The Union of Superiors General and the International Union of Superiors General sent their specific contribution made from the contributions of Religious Congregations (male and female) and Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (male and female). I express my deep gratitude to these two institutions for their important and generous investment. These communities have a 'synodal' patrimony to offer to the whole Church, and the synodal process has reminded them and has reminded us of it.

Finally, the Cardinal stated:

I am convinced that we are facing an ecclesial dialogue without precedent in the history of the Church, not only for the quantity of responses received or the number of people involved (which to some who want to rely solely on numbers - which can only be approximate - may seem limited) but also for the quality of participation.

The listening and discernment process was certainly not perfect. We know this, but we also know that we are trying to be more and more the image of the synodal Church, we are also learning from our mistakes.

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