Covid-19 Vatican Commission


Prepare the Future 
with the realism that only the Gospel can bring

Pope Francis has set-up a COVID-19 Commission to PREPARE THE FUTURE. The leadership of the Commission consists of Cardinal Peter Turkson (Prefect), Mons. Bruno-Marie Duffé (Secretary) and Rev. Dr. Augusto Zampini (Adjunct Secretary). With the objective of preparing for the future by encouraging a new imagination of the possible with the realism that only the Gospel can give, the Commission serves as a catalyst, moving people into the conversation and providing the exper - tise and tools to enable long-term change. The start-up phase includes the establishment of five interdicasterial work - ing groups. Hundreds of surveys were distributed to nuncios, dioceses, and men and women religious in order to understand the Church's local needs. A project study commission was established with Caritas. Four highly-engaged task forces with multi-disciplinary membership were es - tablished to inform the post-COVID systems. Members prepared papers based on topics related to COVID-19 following the See-Judge-Act Methodology. Media development include a website and news publications. A plan is in place for the catechesis of Pope Francis. The process also considered ways to support governance to enable change and solidarity. Money has been received to financially support the Commission operations. The hope is to overcome dichotomies in Human Development as the four task forces addressed the areas of ecology, politics/security, economy and health. COVID-19 is an opportunity to rebuild our relationships on the basis of the common good. Short, medium and long-term goals are built into the process. The short term focus is upon orientating decision-making to support local Churches in their concrete needs. The process shows a way to be a Church with and for the world. In the medium term, the process will generate programs that renew and fulfill the Church's commitment to integral human development. It encourages the preparation of a seven-year plan of commitment. Laudato Si' is being applied to the current moment. In the long term, the process will guide the Dicastery's strategic program for the next several years. The JPIC Commission USG-UISG is represented by Sr. Sheila Kinsey, FCJM. She is fully engaged as a member of the Integral Ecology Working Group with its 25 members, which offers a rich and challenging experience for her.

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