Charismatic families: who we are


Since 2014 have met in Rome lay people, priests, men and women religious.

The initiative called "Charismatic Families in Dialogue" was born, listening and in the desire to respond to the invitation of Pope Francis, who said in his letter for the year of consecrated life: "In fact around every family as well as to societies of apostolic life and to secular institutes themselves, there is a larger family, the "charismatic family", which includes several institutes that recognize themselves in the same charism, and above all lay Christians who feel called, precisely in the their lay condition, to participate in the same charismatic reality. "

A Charismatic Family is then made up of institutes, people of different states of life - lay people, priests, religious men and women, seculars - who recognize themselves as belonging to the same Charism of the Founder or Foundress and are united by each other in the fraternity. in Christ.

Thus, were born meetings of formation, sharing, collaboration between the various Charismatic Families, with the aim of getting to know each other among the various charisms and deepening the path of communion and collaboration in dialogue and mutual service.

Since 2014, in May and November each year, an increasing number of charismatic families gather in Rome from all over the world to dialogue: hence the name "Charismatic Families in dialogue" given to the movement.

So through the various initiatives, in dialogue and in the authentic exchange of experiences, we try to live what is truly at heart: to live the charism together, to discover it in a richer way in the reciprocity of fraternal relationships, in a more creative way in the collaboration between the different vocations, in a more attractive way, in synodality with the whole Church.


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