La Commission Vatican Covid-19 publie un kit de ressources pour les dirigeants de l'Églis


L'outil est conçu pour soutenir les curés et le personnel des bureaux diocésains et des agences de santé et de services sociaux

Photo de Franke Reither
Photo de Franke Reither

In times of coronavirus and "great human and socio-economic viruses," the Church is called to walk with others on a "journey of healing," bringing "light in the midst of darkness, [...] justice in the midst of so many outrages, [...] joy in the midst of so much pain, [...] healing and salvation in the midst of sickness and death, [...] tenderness in the midst of hatred [...] to 'viralize' love and to 'globalize' hope in the light of faith" (Pope Francis, General Audience, 30 September 2020).

We must "rediscover once for all that we need one another, and that in this way our human family can experience a rebirth, with all its faces, all its hands and all its voices" (Cf. FT, 35).

For this reason, the Vatican Covid-19 Commission prepared a resource kit for all the Church leaders, in order to help local Churches to face this tough times of pandemic.

The following resources are designed to support parish priests and staff in diocesan offices and health and social service agencies. Here it is possible to find information about the COVID-19 vaccine for varied audiences, resources to support the preparation of homilies, relevant quotes from Pope Francis, links to useful information, and short messages for websites, parish bulletins or other media. A Family Guide to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is designed to help local communities and to counter misinformation.

The Resource kit for Church leaders can now be downloaded here.

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